Week 2: Critical Design

12283208_10207319720423150_392195119_nI have been doing research into how high volumes of alcohol consumption has a negative impact on modern day society. I chose to follow forward with this topic once discovering that globally in the year of 2012 there were 3.3 million alcohol related deaths. And that overuse of alcohol can contribute to over 200 diseases and injury related health conditions.

I did not want to stop people from drinking alcohol but instead weaken their desire to do so in the help to decrease the previous statistics. So I designed a set of glasses in the image above including a wine glass, a pint glass and a flute glass which are designed to make the action of holding the glass and drinking from the glass more difficult and uncomfortable, and this difficulty will increase the more intoxicated the person gets therefore the person is likely to stop drinking earlier on in the night.

I included a slanted top to increase difficulty of drinking from the glasses, the individual will also need to keep more concentrated on their glass since their is a higher chance of spillage. I also added a layer of glass onto the wine glass to make it awkward to hold from underneath making it more likely to spill once again if they are not concentrating. I have also given all three glasses a studded surface to make the glasses uncomfortable to hold  in comparison to the smooth surface of a more traditional glass.



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