Week 4: Beauty


For this weeks ‘Beauty’ weeks I produced a model out of Das clay which at first I was somewhat excited to do as I have not experimented with this material before when making  a product. Once attempting to manipulate the clay I realised it was difficult to achieve the shape desired with the clay alone so I incorporated metal piping in the centre of the model to act as support. I used water to help soften the clay to create a smoother surface and then once it was left to dry over night I created a gradient from blue to white using acrylic paint.

At the start of the week I felt very confused on how to start the project as I usual follow aesthetics after function and the product having no function at all left me clueless. To help me think I began a spider diagram centring with the title ‘What I think is Beautiful’. There were many things that I stemmed ideas but the two things that I felt most seemed most beautiful to me was Water and the female form, therefore I attempted to incorporate these two into one final design. I googled pictures of both water and the human body and created a mind map as inspiration and then began to sketch up ideas.


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