Creativity and Cognitive Development, week 3: The Creative Act

Duchamp M explains in his written work ‘The Creative Act’ that a designers ‘intentions’ of a design idea ‘and its realisation’ can be very different. This is because everyone’s cognition is individual as explained by Piaget, therefore everyone views things in different ways, and consequently creates a multitude of varying opinions and views. This can also be related to product design because, someone may look at a design for a table and think it is aesthetically beautiful but then another individual could see the same design and despise its aesthetics. A designer would have to consider this idea during their design process.

This theory is great when relating to children, since it is based on ones visual. A child ‘Looks and recognises before it can speak’ (Berger). Therefore they pay greater attention to the wonders of the world’s aesthetics. For example, if you were to show an adult a box, all they would see is a box, but a child will see the potential for things such as a rocket ship or a car. And the way the child interprets the object given to them is affected by what they know, what they believe and their life experiences, which relates back to Piaget and the theory that very person has an individual cognition.

I was travelling on the train recently, and there was a little girl sat on her mums lap holding an empty Capri Sun packet. The girl then began to pretend that the capri sun packet was a note pad, that the straw was a pen, that she was a doctor and her mum was her patient. This is one example of how peoples cognitions work differently especially in relation to children,


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