Week 6: The Swan

swan 2swan 1swan 3.jpg

The brief for this week was to re-design a piece of technology without including a touch screen, voice activation or push buttons. I chose to redesign the mobile phone.

I began Week 6 by taking a piece of A3 paper and splitting it equally into 6 squares, I then filled each of these squares with varying design ideas, I then highlighted my favourite aspects of all 6 designs and then created two more design, both incorporating my favourite aspects of the first six, just in a different way. My favourite of the two being the design above.

The design incorporates a spring which can sense how much pressure is being places upon it, the harder the pressure the lower the number. Once you are on the number desired you hold the spring in place until the number lights up. The spring can also be flicked to select things such as apps. There is a scroll-er on the side of the phone for volume control, and a joy stick to navigate around the pages.

Although this design meets the design specification of not incorporating push buttons or a touch screen  I still don’t like it as a design idea as it seems far less practical than mobile phones already out there which incorporate touch screens and push buttons. Therefore I would like to re-begin this design process and this more outside the box with my ideas to come up with a more practical design or apply the brief to another object which it may be more suitable for.

I created the prototype using blue foam cut on the hot wire cuter. I then used sand paper to create a curved edge and render a hole for a screen. I then painted the device white and printed out a screen I designed on a computer white I secured which clear acrylic and hot glue to create a glass screen like effect. I then secured the spring and joy stick with hot glue.


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