Week 7: Mobile 2050

This week we had to design what we think mobile phones will be like in 2050. I did this work in a group of three. As a group we came up with multiple ideas of what the mobile we think could include by this time, once we came up with a list ideas we divided them up between the three of us to continue further research.

  • One of our ideas was ‘Voice Testing’ which is the option to set up your phone before use so it can recognise your specific accent and dialect so that there is less miscommunication between the user and voice activation.
  • Another was an automatic phone organiser which will automatically organise your files into folders. For example, all of your apps regarding music would be places into a music folder for easier navigation around the phone.
  • 3D projector view for apps such as face-time.
  • A cognition test which can be taken before purchasing dating apps to ensure that you are only matched with people you are compatible with.
  • A shopping app which will allow you to shop in store without having to be there.
  • And a navigation app which produces a hologram which walks in front of you.
  • Nano-technology so that you phone can expand and shrink in size and allows screen to create 3D surfaces.
  • Mood LED lights on the side of your phone.

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