Joey the Mechanical boy

Joey the Mechanical boy was a nine year old boy who was believed to be a schizophrenic child who believed he was a Robot, for example; he would require someone to ‘shut him down’ before going to bed. This has brought up the debate of  whether technology is what stops us from being human or on the other hand is what makes us human.

If you really question what technology is and how people live in modern day society it can be thought that it is what makes us human since technology may not just be considered as electronics but instead fabrics, a driver of emotion, a communicative tool. All things in society which people can no longer bare to live without. Also, Claud Leroy Gourham produced a paper showing that humans began as another species and as technology developed so has the human mind showing a form of control and correlation.

On the other hand, recent experimentation and success with DNA and test tube/IVF babies also brings up the argument over if we are still truly human since life is being given in unnatural ways. Also the Soma Theory suggests that there are 11 systems in the body and technology is included.



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