Work Shop 2- Electronics

AC- Alternating Current
DC- Direct Current (polarity- positive/negative)

Electricity is produced in a power station which produces heat, which produces steam, turning a generator (3300VAC), which then goes through a transformer (415000VAC).

All batteries- 1.5VDC (e.g. 6 cells to power a 9VDC battery)
Power socket- 230VAC

Voltage= driving force for electricity

Multimeter measures= AC/DC Voltage + Resistance + Current

Amps= Watts + Volts

+ = Anode
– = Cathode

Continuity= Detects ruptured fuse

A circuit with my resistance will have a rising current which will eventually blow the circuit, which is why we need resistance.

Types of variable resistors: Linear (used for things such as dimmer switch), Logarithmic (HiFi Systems).

Transistor= Transfers resistance

Breadboard= You can build a circuit on them to test initially



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