The Body in Society- Body Projects and the Regulation of Normative Masculinity

This weeks text ‘Body Projects and the Regulation of Normative Masculinity’ focussed on the male gender primarily and body modification they go through in order to look desirable, such as ‘working out (at a gym), tattooing, piercing and cosmetic surgery.’ It is mentioned that the male body has become much more prominent in terms of media, where as before it was always females. And since this has happened the male body has been viewed differently, which has put much more pressure on the men in society to look sexually appealing ‘male bodies in idealised and eroticised fashions, coded in ways that give permission for them to be looked at and desired’ (Moore, 1988; Simpson,1994).  They link this back to a text previously discussed in our ‘body in society lectures ‘men look at women and women watch themselves being looked at’ (Berger, 1972, p.47). The male (body) has become an object of the gaze rather than simply the bearer of the look.



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