Trandsbranding: Crocs Car Seat

Week 1- I have chosen the Transbranding brief for my term 3 project. For this one week project in term one I designed a suitcase in the Brand style of Crocs. I enjoyed doing this due to Crocs having a very distinctive design style which could be easily applied to objects other than shoes, making their new aesthetic look quirky and unique. Although I loved applying the Design style of Crocs, I wanted to use another product this term other than a suitcase.  I created a spider diagram of different objects that I could design, and came to the final decision that I was going to design a Crocs Childs Cars seat. My reasoning behind my selection is that Crocs Design seems to be more so aimed at children than adults, children love them due to their unique aesthetic, multitude of colour options, and fun interactive Jibbitz (the charms which can be added). I began sketching some quick concept designs experimenting with shapes, and continued research into materials and car seat safety. All materials used to manufacture car seats must not be flammable, and the Common material used to manufacture Car Seats bodies is Polypropylene. So I thought I’d remain with this material as the main body  of my design but add a thin layer of another material on top to make its texture seem similar to a Crocs shoe. During my research I discovered that the material used by Crocs ‘Croslite’ is owned by Crocs therefore I would not be allowed to incorporate this without the companies permission. So I did research into other rubber material alternatives. One material that seemed suitable during my research was Propylene-Diene Monomer. This layer of Rubber would also include the gaps which Jibbitz could be inserted onto the Car Seat in order for it be customised. And polyester seems to be a possibility for the fabric cover on the cushion area. Seat belts can also be made out of Polyester.

Week 2– At the start of this week I researched images of car seats and visited stores to view them in person, although I came to the conclusion that it would be best to purchase my own so I always have a car seat to look at to help with my designing. Buying a seat also helped me understand how a Car Seat functions. I have now sketched up my final idea, I will soon begin to created these creates in Solid Works to get a better understand of the 3D form of the product.

Week 3- This week I completed my CAD of the Crocs Car seat. I am not very experienced on Solid Works, so I am very pleased with the outcome. Creating 3D CAD was very useful, it make me realize that some of my design ideas were not going to work, therefore had to be changed slightly. Having a 3D CAD available will also make the model making much easier since I will have some thing follow, I am planning on starting to model make next week.

Week 4- This week I made a model out of blue foam, I chose this material since it is very easy to manipulate and alter. I am pleased with the outcome although would have liked to have produced a more finished model if I had more time available which is disappointing.

Week 5- I have used this week to prepare for the exhibition, I purchased an A1 sheet of paper and made a poster displaying my sketches, CAD and some research information.


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