Concept Design: Diva Plavalaguna Suitcase

Week 1- Last term for field I designed a suitcase for women which opened similar to a wardrobe and had a very detailed design. I was very pleased with the response I received on my design, and glad that Gareth and Theo were able to give me some feedback in order to help me develop my suitcase design further. This was the feedback I was given-

“We really enjoyed seeing this refreshing and imaginative project.

It’s so avant garde – Who is this actually for?

There are some obvious questions regarding physicality: weight? Material choice? Etc…

Are you interested in concept design for movies? Might be a natural environment for this kind of work. I am trying to organise a visit from a concept designer for PD which I think you shouldn’t miss.

The film I mentioned was ‘The 5th element’

A really impressive model would take this to the next level…”

I have taken this feedback on board and have decided to change my target market and focus of concept design. I purchased the movie ‘The Fifth Element” advised by Theo and decided to design my Suitcase for the Character Diva Plavalaguana.

Week 2 I re-watched the scenes in The Fifth Element which included the character Diva Plavalguana and took note of the design styled used, I then used this to come up with some quick concept designs. Eventually I finalized my design and sketched it up neatly.


Week 4- I started modelling this week using a range of materials including Card, Foam and Wood.

Week 5- I finished my final model this week, unfortunately the measurement’s for the right door were incorrect s their are some slight issues. Although, I have learnt from this, and if I had the time to do anther model, I’m sure it would be much more successful.


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