Year Two, Term One, Week One.

The start of second year was a bit of a shock to the system. I was expecting it to be similar to first year, but they were incomparable. First term of first year we were set multiple one week projects, where as this year we were given a live brief from the BBC which is due to be completed of the 6th December, which really threw us all in the deep end!

We has a choice of two brief, one created by the company Orange box which was to design a ‘height adjustable pull-up work table for soft seating environments’.  And the second choice was created by the company Bisley which was a ‘multi functional storage unit to fit and adapt within the Bisley range’.

It seemed that the majority of the class new straight away which brief they were going to continue doing, which made me feel lost since I was completely unsure. Although, The benefit of not knowing my preference meant that when continuing research into both brands, I was completely open minded.

I have now finished the research process, and at this current moment I am leaning more towards the Bisley brief. Personally, I think I could have more fun with this brief and would like to try and apply a ‘Memphis Group’ like style to my design.

I am excited to start designing this week, but I also excited to be going on a last minute trip to Tiree with the University getting involved in the ‘Tiree Tech Wave’! As excited as I am, I am also very nervous, being the only second year Product Designers going, but I did not want to allow that tot stop me. So far I have not gotten to know third year Product Design so well, so this will be a great opportunity to do so, and learn from those who are further on in their education process.



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