I’m in Tiree!

We set off from CSAD at 11 am on Saturday morning all crammed in a mini bus. At 7 pm we reached Glasgow and stopped for dinner. The architecture there was truly beautiful, if only we had longer than an hour and a half to appreciate it. IMG_3575[1].JPG

By 10:30 pm we arrived in Oban, we dropped our stuff off at the hostel and then walked around the area stopping at a local pub on the way (it was packed)!

At 7 am the next day we were off again, ready to board the Ferry to Tiree. We arrived at Tiree at 12:30 pm, and its beautiful scenery was undeniable. We head straight to our home for the next four nights after a quick stop at Co-op, and the views from the house were breathtaking (the picture below shows the view from my bedroom window)!


We headed straight to the Tech Wave after dropping off our things. The first thing I did when I got there was play  around with a ‘MakeyMakey’. Using it I made a keyboard our of fruit! IMG_3664[1].PNG

We then ate a roast before being briefed with the task we’ve been giver during out stay. The brief was to revamp and give new purpose to the deteriorating telephone boxes scattered around the island. After being briefed we drove round find the telephone boxes we will be working with and photographing them.




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